Loanable Technology

loanable technology

Laptop Computers

Three laptop computers are available for check-out from the Media Center. These computers are equipped for wireless access to the Internet and are loaded with Microsoft® Office software. The laptops are designated for in library use only and circulate for 2 hours with one renewal.

Other Equipment

The Lila D. Bunch Library also offers a Netbook, several Flip UltraHD cameras and several Zoom H2 Ultra-Portable Digital Audio Recorders for check out to Belmont students, faculty and staff.

  • A Netbook is basically a small PC laptop that is loaded with Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2007 and comes bundled with Clearwire Internet Service that works in the Nashville area. In addition, the Netbooks can connect using standard wifi where Clearwire is not available.
  • The Flip UltraHD records up to 120 minutes of 1280 x 720p HD video to the 8GB built-in memory. Other than record, the simple functions of playback, fast forward, rewind, 2x zoom, and delete are at your disposal. The Flip includes a 2 inch anti-glare LCD screen and the flip out USB arm to connect your PC or Mac for instant sharing via email or social media sites. The built-in FlipShare software compresses your HD video to an Internet friendly size and helps you to email, edit, capture stills from video, and upload.
  • The Zoom H2 Ultra-Portable Digital Audio Recorder records high-quality WAV and MP3 files and has 4 built-in microphone capsules, whose signals are decoded and combined to create a stereo image. You can record from the front at 90°, the rear of the unit at 120°, or you can record 360° to create a 5.1 mix of your audio. A 4GB card is included, for recording up to 2 hours of audio at 96kHz, 6 hours at 44.1kHz, or up to 138 hours in MP3 format. A USB port allows you to transfer data to and from your Mac or PC, or to use the H2 as a USB microphone.

Both the Flip cameras and the audio recorders run on two AA batteries. An initial set of batteries is provided, but if the batteries die while the item is checked out, the borrower is responsible for replacing the batteries.

Eligible Borrowers

  1. Current students, faculty and staff with full borrowing privileges may borrow equipment from the Media Center. Users with delinquent accounts are not permitted to borrow equipment.
  2. A valid Belmont University ID card is required. There are no exceptions.
  3. Each borrower must fill out a Check-Out Agreement form each time equipment is checked out.
    1. Netbook Check Out Agreement (PDF)
    2. Audio Recorder Check Out Agreement (PDF)
    3. Flip Check Out Agreement (PDF)

Borrowing Guidelines

  1. A valid Belmont University ID card is required.
  2. There is a three day limit on equipment use. Items may not be renewed. Fines begin to accrue if items are kept longer than the allotted time. (see below)
  3. Only one camera or audio recorder may be checked out per patron.
  4. Items WILL NOT be left unattended.
  5. There are no renewals, and there is a 24-hour waiting period between recheck-out.

Return Procedures

  1. Equipment is due back to the Media Center. Equipment must be returned during open hours of the Media Center. Media Center hours may vary from regular library hours. Do not return equipment to the First Floor Circulation desk.
  2. Borrowers will assume the full cost of replacement for equipment not returned. (see below)
  3. Please allow at least 10 minutes at the time of return for check-in procedures.
  4. Equipment must be returned directly to a library staff member in the Listening/Viewing Center and patrons must wait until items have been checked in.
  5. Equipment will be checked for damage upon return.
  6. Staff will assess if damage has occurred. Charges will be assessed according to the policies below.
  7. All files will be removed from the equipment upon return.


  1. Fines will accrue at the rate of $10 per day
  2. The maximum fine is $50.

Replacement Costs

  1. Replacement fees for equipment are based on the current cost of the item and can be up to $200.
  2. Replacement costs may be updated periodically and without notice.
  3. If an item is replaced, a processing fee of $10 will also be charged.

Any equipment that is 5 days overdue will be declared lost and a default replacement charge of $200 will be placed on the borrower’s account. All overdue fines will also be billed to the borrower’s account. A Banner hold will be placed until the item is replaced or returned. If the equipment is returned in good condition, the replacement costs will be waived. Overdue fines will not be forgiven.


Loss, damage or defect must be reported to the Media Center immediately. In the event a piece of equipment is not functioning properly, contact the Media Center. The equipment will be checked as soon as possible and replaced if a similar item is available.

Printable Version of policies (PDF)


User Manuals

Flip UltraHD User Guide (PDF)

Zoom H2 Simple Recording Guides (PDF)

Zoom H2 User Manual (PDF)