Printing and Copies

For Belmont's policy on reproduction and circulation of copyrighted material at the Library, please see page 11 of the Belmont University Policy on Copyright Compliance. This policy addresses instances of allowable photocopying, duplication, and reserve room use of all copyrighted materials in Belmont's library.


Printing from the library's computers is 5¢ per page. All of the computers on the first floor print to printers that are located in the photocopy room on the first floor. 

The computers on the third floor print to a printer located in the third floor hallway. 

All printing is now done through the campus-wide Papercut system.  Money can be added to student accounts online, through or by purchasing top up cards at the circulation desk in the library.  For more information about the Papercut system and how it works, please visit


There are many copiers throughout the library. Copies are 10¢ for each page. Copies are cash only - no debit cards, checks or Bruin Bucks. The photocopiers do accept quarters, dimes, nickels and 1$ bills. Change is available on the first floor at the circulation desk.

Microfilm & Microfiche Readers

Microfilm and microfiche readers are located on the first floor.  The readers on the first floor are equipped with scanners that allow you to create a PDF of microfilm or microfiche pages. Printing is 10¢ per page, and is paid at the circulation desk.

If change is needed for a microfiche or microfilm machine, please visit the circulation desk.