McWhorter Information Literacy Classroom

Policy on Use:

  • The primary purpose of the McWhorter Information Literacy Classroom (MILC) is to provide students and faculty with interactive library instruction.
  • Although most library instruction takes place during the first eight weeks of the semester, sessions are scheduled throughout the term. These sessions will take priority to all other uses of the classroom.
  • The classroom may be scheduled by teaching faculty for single session, hands-on instruction when the classroom is not being used for library instruction. No semester-long classes will be scheduled in the classroom. In order to maximize use of the classroom, all non-library instruction requests will be considered no more than one week in advance. To schedule the MILC, contact Judy Williams ( or 460-6610)
  • An instructor must be present at all times.
  • Students may still use the computers in the lab for research purposes when there is not a class scheduled. The weekly schedule will be posted on Monday morning. A valid Belmont ID is required to enter.

Available Equipment:

  • Interwrite Board, Projector
  • Teacher station with computer
  • DVD/VHS player
  • speakers
  • 30 user stations equipped with Microsoft Office and Internet.