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PaperCut FAQ

How do I login to PaperCut?

Public computers at Bunch Library should be logged into PaperCut automatically. You should see a client box with a picture of Lila (a blue owl) and a dollar amount. When you first log onto the computer, the displayed dollar amount should be ZERO ($0.00).

What if the client is displaying a non-zero balance?

Right-click on the small PaperCut icon (the green P) in the system tray located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and choose "Log Out". You should see the dollar amount roll back to ZERO ($0.00).

What if there is no client box displayed?

Click the green P icon on the taskbar. If you do not see one, click Start, choose All Programs, then click the PaperCut NG folder and, finally, click on the PaperCut NG Client program.

Why does the computer say the PaperCut Client is already open?

Someone has forgotten to log out of their session. Right-click the small PaperCut icon in the systray (bottom right-hand corner of your screen) and choose "Exit." Now, click the large PaperCut icon located on the taskbar to log in.

How about if the PaperCut icon not in the systray?

Press the Alt Ctrl and Del keys all at once. Click Start Task Manager. Click the Processes tab, and find pc-client.exe. Click on it, and click the End Process button. This will definitely close out the program so that you can reopen it.

What if I am a guest user without a MyBelmont account?

See a member of the library staff to receive guest account credentials and information about how to pay for your printing.

How do I add money to my PaperCut account?

Log in to the PaperCut website and choose Add Credit from the menu on the left to add money using a credit card or PayPal. If you've purchased a code with cash, choose Redeem Card. Follow the instructions on the screen to add money to your account. Watch this video tutorial for detailed instructions.

What is the cost of printing with PaperCut?

The cost of printing was reduced to .05 cents per page, .08 for duplex, and .50 for color.

Can I print from my own device?


If you'd like to print from your laptop, log in to the PaperCut website and choose Web Print from the menu on the left. Follow the instructions on the screen to print from your laptop. Watch the video tutorial for details on how to print wirelessly.

If you'd like to print from your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, you can use our email-to print feature.  We've provided a PDF with a quick step-by-step guide for email-to-print.

How do I release a job that says it is “Held in a Queue”?

Visit a Print Release Station in the library to release your job.  The Guide for Printing with Release Stations has more information.

What if I only have cash?

You may purchase a Top Up Card from the Circulation Desk. Cards can be purchased in the amount of $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, or $20.00.

How do I transfer money to another account?

Log in at http://papercut.belmont.edu. Click "Transfers", enter the amount of money you wish to transfer from your account, and type the MyBelmont username of the person whose account you want to transfer money to. Click OK to finalize the transfer.

PaperCut charged me money, but I did not receive my document(s). What do I do?

See a member of the library staff about refunds for print jobs.

I clicked "Print" on the computer, but PaperCut did not charge me money. What do I do?

See a member of the library staff about getting your document to print

What happens to my money at the end of the semester?

Your balance will carry over until you graduate or otherwise cease your enrollment at Belmont. If you are graduating, you can easily transfer your balance to a friend's account.